thursday 03/12
11am til 11pm

Marcus may be a restaurant, but our chef won’t stand for restaurant food. Instead, your meal, and every meal, is homemade.


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Bruschetta classica (vv)
  • Cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil on toasted bread
£ 6.00
Prosciutto e melone
  • Parma ham served with melon
£ 6.50
Insalata Caprese (v)
  • Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil
£ 7.00


Cannolo Scomposto (v)
  • Crunchy pastry served with sweet creamy ricotta
£ 5.00
Babá al Rum
  • Delicious pastry saturated with rum syrup served with whipped cream
£ 4.50

Pasta e Risotti

Paccheri allo Scarpariello (v)
  • Paccheri pasta with fresh tomatoes enriched with Parmesan and Pecorino cheese
£ 6.00
Pennette alla Norma (v)
  • Pennette pasta with tomatoes and chopped aubergine topped with ricotta
£ 7.50
Rigatoni alla Carbonara
  • Rigatoni pasta with creamy egg sauce and guanciale
£ 7.50
Pennette alla Amatriciana
  • Pennette pasta in tomato sauce, guanciale and Pecorino cheese
£ 7.50
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese
  • Tagliatelle with meat-based sauce
£ 7.50
Spaghetti San Gennaro
  • Spaghetti pasta with cherry tomato sauce, anchovies and crumbed Neapolitan taralli
£ 6.00

Main Course

Cotoletta di pollo
  • Crunchy breaded chicken
£ 7.00
Filetto con crema di asparagi
  • Grilled beef fillet served with creamy asparagus sauce and grilled asparagus
£ 14.5
Misto di carne alla brace
  • Mixed grilled meat
£ 12.5


Baked potatoes (vv)
£ 3.5
Fries (vv)
£ 3
Mixed leaf salad (vv)
£ 3
Neapolitan style Aubergine (v)
£ 3.5

At Marcus Kitchen & Bar we believe in tradition. By bringing the most typical Neapolitan dishes, we invite you to deep into our culture enjoying the experience.